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A guide to interactive video

Unleash the Power of Interactive Video and discover a new realm of engagement with our latest video promo, showcasing the unparalleled benefits of interactive video content. Interactive video transcends traditional viewing experiences, offering viewers a chance to actively participate and …

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House is a venue network and touring initiative based in and for the South East of England, working to improve the range, quality and scale of theatre presented in venues across the region. House asked Hound Dog Films to create …

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Pathfinders Production Placement by Cignpost – Behind-the-scenes on BBC Casualty One of the biggest issues facing the TV & Film industry right now is providing talented people from a variety of backgrounds the opportunity to gain practical screen skills on-set. …

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Small Robot Company – Small is good

Feeding 9 billion people sustainably by 2050 is one of the biggest challenges facing mankind today. Small Robot Company are developing sustainable farming robots, now transitioned from prototype to commercial service, their AI software delivering a weed mapping and control …

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A Case of Practice Sliding Doors

A sequel to our interactive film – ‘A funny thing happened on the way to the opticians…’ an interactive teaching video. Once again we meet our two protagonists, Ben and Adam. This time it is Adam who is wanting to …