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About us

We love to tell stories.

We create video to tell our client’s stories, to introduce them, to promote them, to explain the things they do and train the people they employ.

We’ve been making video for a long time. We use our experience to help our clients reach, engage and motivate their audiences, and we’re not afraid to learn from others, or to do something new. We are champions of the strategic use of video – or, as they would say in old money, getting more bang for your buck!

We’ve made films for the largest and the smallest concerns. Online, offline, for events, training and social media. And we’ve won a few good awards along the way.

We are Hound Dog. And we make films.



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A Case of Practice Sliding Doors

A sequel to our interactive film,  A Funny Thing Happened To Me On The Way To The Opticians. Once again we meet our two protagonists, Ben and Adam. This time it is Adam who is wanting to try contact lenses …

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CooperVision interactive

‘A funny thing happened to me on the way to the opticians…’ – an interactive teaching video. The brief was to create a film that engaged, informed and motivated opticians, of all levels, to understand the best ways to engage, …

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Small Robot Company – Non-chemical weeding

Small Robot Company is on a mission is to help farmers feed the world while regenerating the planet. Their sustainable farming robots Tom, Dick and Harry will deliver Per Plant Farming for the world’s biggest food crops. This non-chemical weeding …

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Travel with confidence

ABTA has been a trusted travel brand for 70 years, offering advice and guidance to the travelling public, as well as leading the travel industry in supporting high service standards, working with their Members on health and safety, and promoting responsible tourism at …


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