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About us

We love to tell stories.

We create video to tell our client’s stories, to introduce them, to promote them, to explain the things they do and train the people they employ.

We’ve been making video for a long time. We use our experience to help our clients reach, engage and motivate their audiences, and we’re not afraid to learn from others, or to do something new. We are champions of the strategic use of video – or, as they would say in old money, getting more bang for your buck!

We’ve made films for the largest and the smallest concerns. Online, offline, for events, training and social media. And we’ve won a few good awards along the way.

We are Hound Dog. And we make films.



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Biology in a digital world

Synthace are building Antha, a user-friendly but hugely powerful software platform that gives biologists sophisticated, flexible and integrated control over lab hardware. This enables experiments and lab workflows to be rapidly automated, and data from those workflows to be automatically …

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Synthace brings the power of automation and machine learning to biological research – turning biology into an engineering discipline to produce insight faster. Synthace develop pioneering software that lets biologists transform laboratory productivity. They empower scientists to meet the demands …

Wise words...
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Wise words

Hound Dog Films spent a very sunny day in Soho and Covent Garden, talking to people about, among other things, the effectiveness of video on the internet. Complete strangers, accosted by us at random, with some really insightful and articulate …

Stunted reality – a street bike freestyle stunt team
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Stunted Reality

An exciting, interactive video created for Stunted Reality – a dynamic, slick and sexy street bike freestyle duo stunt team. Which stunt will you choose…? Client: Stunted Reality Type: Interactive Production Format: F5/AS7/Ronin Use: Online Link: www.stuntedreality.com

The Royal British Legion Pop In Centre, Colchester
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Your Legion

John McCarthy, an advice and information officer, based in Colchester, talks passionately about some of the vital work the Legion does through its Pop In centres and the work of the Legion’s Handy Van service. Client: Royal British Legion Type: Documentary Production …

Image of a refugee in Hamburg from a documentary video
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Power of Connection

Hound Dog Films were privileged to make a very special documentary about the extraordinary work of a small group of German business people, who came to the aid of refugees in Hamburg. This is a film about the power of …


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